At BCon Ltd, we specialize in delivering customized, practical services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in wood or biomass sourcing and utilization. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of services designed to optimize your operations and maximize efficiency. Specific services include: 

Raw Material Supply Chain Development and Optimization 

Sourcing Strategies 

Whether you are starting a business using wood for processing or as a fuel, considering a switch from all delivered wood to own sourcing, or want an updated sourcing strategy, we can help you in:  

  • Sourcing area determination 
  • Wood species, size and assortment analysis 
  • Harvesting and transport method and capex analysis 
  • SWOT of own sourcing vs. delivered wood 
  • Contractor network development 
  • Pre-feasibility & feasibility plans for sourcing 

Tools and Methods Development 

Keeping your tools up-to-date and using the best possible technology in harvesting and transporting is of utmost importance. We can help you in: 

  • Digitalization strategies and tools – especially in making sure you take full advantage of enhanced data and smart forestry tools. E.g. we can help you utilize harvest machine data to optimize log bucking and maximize worker productivity  
  • Determining the best logging and transport technologies. E.g. what are the benefits and costs of switching to cut-to-length systems? What is the capex, suitability CTL logs to markets, site conditions and tree size 
  • Feasibility plans for new harvest equipment acquisitions 

Operations Improvement – Current Supply Chain Optimization 

We can help you make the most of your existing wood sourcing business through our operations improvement services. This type of projects typically include: 

  • Current state analysis and benchmarking of your supply chain to drive continuous improvement and to determine bottlenecks 
  • A thorough review of all purchasing, contracting, harvesting and transportation operations 
  • A review of digital and other management tools to determine whether management has the necessary data available and uses it correctly 
  • Quantification of improvement opportunities and related capex needs 

Thinning Operations Development   

In regions where little if any thinnings are done (whether for growth maximation or fuel load reduction, we can help you develop a comprehensive plan for developing thinning operations.  This can include: 

  • Assessing the viability of thinning in your operation environment with our expert evaluation to optimize your forestry practices 
  • Determination of the most suitable types of sites and their locations (to start with) 
  • The choice of most suitable harvest methods considering the local conditions, existing contractor base and own systems). E.g. Cut-to-length vs tree-length 
  • Equipment requirements and related CAPEX 
  • Development of long-term harvest plan and a projection for future timber growth  
  • Financial feasibility analysis 

Development of Biomass Fuel Procurement 

BCon is particularly strong in helping biomass energy producers develop their wood fuel sourcing. These services include: 

  • Measuring and benchmarking the efficiency of the wood fuel supply chain 
  • Performance and quality review of suppliers and contractors 
  • Conduct thorough analysis and benchmarking of machinery, methods, and the efficiency of your wood supply chain 
  • Identify bottlenecks and development issues, implementing solutions for continuous improvement 
  • Implementation of digitalization and smart forestry solutions 
  • Review the performance and quality of suppliers and contractors to ensure optimal results 

Biomass Utilization and Investment Strategy 

  • Unlock the potential of your resources with BCon’s expertise in biomass heat plant and biorefinery investment planning 
  • Make informed decisions with our comprehensive pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for your investment 
  • Assess the wood heating capabilities of your region or specific buildings to strategically plan your project 
  • Determine the optimal quantity and quality of biomass supply needed for your district heating endeavours or other heat needs 
  • Benefit from an objective evaluation of your wood heating project, highlighting strengths and potential improvements 
  • Equipment selection and acquisition assistance. 

Our services offer significant improvement and cost-saving opportunities for the efficient management of the wood supply chain. Contact us for more information on how we can help fulfill your specific business needs.