BCon Ltd offers services. Logging operations, cut-to-length, forestry, wood heating, biofuels, supply chain optimization

BCon Ltd offers practical customized needs-based services that fulfill clients’ specific needs.

Our services are supply chain development and optimization, development of biomass procurement, increasing biomass supply, scenario analysis of biomass procurement and planning of heating plant investments

Business Development

We provide services for business development, such as feasibility studies, improving operational efficiency, investment planning, technology analysis, market analysis and business plans.

Our services are

Supply chain development and optimization

  • Logging, wood transportation
  • Development of contractor network
  • Benchmarking

Development of biomass procurement

  • Current state
  • Tools
  • Suppliers
  • New operating methods
  • Tracking

Increasing biomass supply

  • Supplier network mapping
  • Finding alternative sources and raw-materials
  • Selection of potential suppliers
  • Development plan

Scenario analysis of biomass procurement

  • Current state
  • Scenarios
  • Review

Planning of heating plant investments

  • Raw-materials
  • Technical solutions
  • Feasibility

Business Cases

Implementing the benefits of the cut-to-length method

Cut-to-length method allows effective optimization of the logging operations and the complete wood supply chain. In thinnings the cut-to-length method is particularly advantageous. Trees are bucked into assortments according to end-user requirements concerning dimensions and quality. This reduces waste and creates an opportunity to harvest multiple assortments from the same stand. Bucking can be optimized to maximize the value of the stem or to maximize the net revenue from the stand.

Modern forest machines measure and collect a vast amount of data, for example position, volume and number of logs, mean volume of the stem, log lengths and log diameters. This data can be utilized for inventory handling, planning harvesting and transporting logistics to an ensure effective operation.

We offer the following services for implementing the benefits of the cut-to-length method into your wood procurement or supply chain:

* Ensuring worker efficiency and safety in logging operations
* Collecting and analyzing data from forest machines to increase operational efficiency
* Implementing cut-to-length method in wood supply chain management
* Investment analysis of harvesters and forwarders
* Tree bucking optimization
* Pre-feasibility study to determine if cut-to-length method is suitable for your business environment and wood supply chain, and what benefits it will produce
* Feasibility study to determine more comprehensively what are the technical, economic, social and environmental considerations of transferring into use of cut-to-length method.

Optimization of the wood supply chain

The wood supply chain is defined by multiple end products from the same forest stand, network of suppliers and contractors, changing weather conditions, perishable stock, fast pace and cost sensitivity. This means that efficient management of the wood supply chain is a difficult task and there is always room for significant improvement. Modern wood supply chain management utilizes forest information systems and smart forestry solutions.

BCon can help you to save money or make more money by offering the following services for wood supply chain optimization including roundwood and energywood:
* Analysis of machinery and methods
* Finding the bottlenecks and most effective development issues
* Benefits of cut-to-length logging
* Implementing digitalization and smart forestry solutions in wood supply chain management
* Measuring and benchmarking the efficiency of the wood supply chain
*Performance and quality review of suppliers and contractors

Wood heating projects

Biomass or wood heating is a valid option when there is need to reduce carbon emissions and find new uses for low grade wood. While creating a decentralized, local, supply secure and easy to maintain heating source, it also creates a positive impact in local economy through increased income of the forest owners and employment of forest workers.

In Finland it is estimated that one small to mid-size district wood heating plant creates an average of 2-3 jobs and gives an overall boost of close to 700 000 euros for the local economy through direct and indirect income sources. Wood heating can be a very lucrative business in appropriate circumstances.

We offer the following services for wood heating projects:
* Survey of wood heating potential of certain region or individual buildings. The survey includes mapping the current heat energy demand and possibilities to convert heating systems from fossil fuels into renewable energy.
* Determination of quantities and quality of wood or other biomass supply for district heating.
* Pre-feasibility study is an early-stage study to select the best business scenario – technically, economically, socially and environmentally – for a wood heating project.
* Feasibility study is a more comprehensive study to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the wood heating project. It covers technical, economic, social, environmental and legal considerations. The outcome is an objective assessment if the wood heating project is good enough to be launched.

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