BCon Ltd Forest bioeconomy consulting

BCon Ltd provides customized and practical services that fulfill specific client needs. Our services cover supply chain development and optimization, development of biomass procurement, increasing biomass supply, scenario analysis of biomass procurement, planning of heating plant investments, and business development.

Supply Chain Development and Optimization:

  • Logging, wood transportation
  • Development of contractor network
  • Benchmarking
  • Current state analysis
  • Development plan
  • Supplier network mapping
  • Finding alternative sources and raw materials
  • Selection of potential suppliers
  • Scenario analysis of biomass procurement

Implementing the Cut-to-Length Method:

  • Optimization of logging operations and complete wood supply chain
  • Worker efficiency and safety in logging operations
  • Collection and analysis of data from forest machines
  • Tree bucking optimization
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to determine the benefits of the cut-to-length method for your business environment and wood supply chain

Wood Supply Chain Optimization:

  • Analysis of machinery and methods
  • Finding bottlenecks and development issues
  • Benefits of cut-to-length logging
  • Implementation of digitalization and smart forestry solutions
  • Measuring and benchmarking the efficiency of the wood supply chain
  • Performance and quality review of suppliers and contractors

Wood Heating Projects:

  • Survey of wood heating potential of a region or individual buildings
  • Determination of quantities and quality of wood or other biomass supply for district heating
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to determine the best business scenario for a wood heating project
  • Objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a wood heating project

Our services offer significant improvement and cost-saving opportunities for the efficient management of the wood supply chain. Contact us for more information on how we can help fulfill your specific business needs.