BCon Ltd

BCon Ltd offers services. Logging operations, cut-to-length, forestry, renewable energy, biofuels, supply chain optimization

BCon Ltd creates value for our clients by providing hands-on professional services. Our core competences are in sustainable timber procurement, cut-to-length technology, supply chain optimization, biofuels and renewable energy. We are proud that our knowledge and expertise are resulting from day-to-day managing and developing of real businesses in the forest bioeconomy.

Our background and expertise makes us the perfect partner for clients who want to improve the operational efficiency of the supply chain or to create new profitable ways to manage and utilize forest resources. We can assist you from logging operations to the end product whether it is biochar, heat energy or lumber. With our experience of running forest businesses we focus on the essentials and we add real value in business development projects.

Our Clients

Our clients are bio- and circular economy companies such as bio-refineries, energy companies, forest industry companies and other companies that procure and distribute wood or other biomass.

We listen and respond to clients’ specific needs and provide focused, practical and customized solutions.

Why BCon Ltd?

  • Solving practical needs using practical real-life experience in the business
  • We offer a unique combination of practical management (CEO) experience in biomass and wood sourcing and biomass energy production as well as academic skill/knowledge base in modern forestry
  • We offer true cost savings and reveal additional income opportunities to our clients
  • Bcon will get straight to the point and leave out unnecessary and costly general filler data

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